The TriLens™ objective based on the beneficial use of three lenses: an UH-resolution lens (60° immersion lens), an Analytical lens and an Intermediate lens (IML).

The combination of these three lenses enables multiple working imaging modes.                                                                                                                               

(a) IML, (b) Analytical lens, (c) UH-resolution lens


- This mode is achieved by the unique combination of immersion optics and crossover-free-mode for ultra-high-resolution imaging at low energies.

- UHR is ideal for very sensitive samples, study of nanomaterials, non-conductive samples and failure analysis in semiconductors.


- It is well suited for analysis such as EDS and EBSD, as well as simultaneous SEM imaging during FIB operations such as cross-sectioning and FIB-SEM tomography.

- High-quality imaging of highly topographic magnetic specimens is possible.

DEPTH mode

-The UH-resolution lens can be used in combination with the IML lens which allows for increasing the probe current while maintaining excellent resolution and enabling large depth of focus. This further extends the analytical capabilities and enables imaging of sensitive samples with high topography.


-The IML enables a wide field of view.